Two of My Stores + Dropshipping Mentorship
Two of My Stores + Dropshipping Mentorship


Two of My Stores + Dropshipping Mentorship



Real Progress in 4 Weeks

Your Store. Identical to Mine

No Guesswork

Direct Links to my Stores


The Guesswork, Gone.

We've been dropshipping as a full-time job now since 2018. 

We've only started 9 stores
And all 9 stores are successful.

What to Expect👇🏼

We do what others wont: Actually give you a 1-on-1 experience. 

We Pick The Product With You
We Design The Website For You
We Market The Product With You
The Rest Is History

What to Expect

Follow the exact same process that WE follow when making our own brands.

Week 1

Find a product

 - You join the mentorship and get onboarded into the mentorship program
(Immediately after purchase)

- I'll send you the links to my stores

- We search for a product that fits YOU

Week 2

Build the store

- Start your Shopify store ($1)

- Purchase your domain ($1)

- Use my template to design your store identical to mine

Week 3

Drive traffic

- Launch TikTok Organic content

- Launch Ad Campgian (within your budget)

- Launch Influencer Campaigns (free)

Week 4+

Start selling

- I will help you set up order fulfillment

- We will test campagins until you make a sale $$

- Ill show you how I automate my stores

Meet Your Mentors👇🏻

These are the people you will meet with daily.

8 Week Money-Back Guarantee

We get it, working 1-on-1 daily isnt for everyone. If you let us know the mentorship wasn't what you were looking for or if you're not happy with the value we provide, you can cancel the mentorship and get 100% of your money back.

BUT, in order to receive a refund, we have some requirements:

1. You need to go through the whole program.
This means that you need to work with us for all 8 weeks.
Or in other words, you cannot get a refund if you request it any earlier than 8 weeks from the date you joined.

2. Within those 8 weeks, you must send us at least 500 texts as we work on your store. That's an average of 8 texts per day. 
If you are even somewhat actively working on this with us, we'll have no issue surpassing that number.

The following will disqualify you from receiving a refund:

1. Not meeting the refund requirements as listed above.

2. We designed and launched your website.

Aside from our refund requirements above, this purchase is final sale. Cannot be refunded via chargeback or dispute.

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