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  1. Hey can you promote my product?

  2. Yes! :)
  3. Awesome, i’ll send you a free sample & We pay 20% commissions on all TT Shop sales
  4. Awesome! I can post 3 TikToks per day with your product linked!

  5. That works great!
  6. Let's get started! :)

Here’s what to expect.

Get in touch with our brands in just 10 minutes following these steps

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Connect with our active group of 500+ brands.

You will get daily updates of requests from our brands that want to work with you.

Pick which affiliate offer suits you.

Our brands will let you know the product theyre selling, the comission they offer and if they will send you a free product to get started


Confirm your offer and get a sample.

Once youre ready to move forward, our brands will send you a free sample of their product. 

Receive your sample & Start making content.

Once the product arrives, start making content! Post using one of our tested viral templates or use your own creativity!

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Commissions Received.

When your posts start generating sales, you’ll receive a commission and start earning $$$!

110+ affiliates & 960k in sponsored comissions since September 1st.

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